24 Hours Self Service Laundry!

Fresh2O Laundry Sdn Bhd is a self-service coin and card-operated laundry (washing and drying) service dedicated to consistently providing high customer satisfaction by rendering reliable machines and furnishing a clean, enjoyable atmosphere at a competitive price/value relationship.


Our Services Scope

  1. Self-service Laundry
    1. No. 1 in Malaysia to implement 24 hours hybrid (coin + card) self-service laundry concept on 14th February, 2014,
    2. Licensing program under Fresh2O brand name.
  2. Contract Laundry
    1. Provides quality laundry services for linens of all types, such as pillow case, bed sheet, duvet, bath towel, hand towel, floor mat, mattress cover, etc,
    2. Proven methodology and solution.
  3. Mobile Laundry
    1. New concept of self-service laundry,
    2. To be launching soon.

  1. Using high technology laundry machinery like FAGOR, DEXTER, LG
  2. Vending machines direct import from Taiwan with self-intellectual property design,
  3. All machines embedded smart card infrastructure.

  1. No 1 in Malaysia to introduce co-enzymes detergent powder to self-service laundry,
  2. We supply wide range of chemical products to laundry industry with compliance to MSDS (material safety data sheets).

  1. In-house maintenance team,
  2. Post-sales service for preventive maintenance service and spare parts.

  1. Consultation and technical support on setting up self-service laundry,
  2. Consultation service on safety & security, chemical solution,
  3. We are looking for partner to expand the self-service laundry services to nationwide.